Why make a will?

Your right to choose

Why leave the arrangements of your estate to chance, when you can make an informed decision?

Why do I need a will?

You have the opportunity:

To choose who benefits from your estate

To choose who would look after your dependent children

To choose when your assets would be distributed and to whom

To choose tax efficient tools to protect your assets from Inheritance tax

When should I write a will?

As soon as you have financial assets, or marry or co-habit, or start a family, or run your own business.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

The present rules governing your estate if you die without a will have scant regard for your wishes.

Use our intestacy flowchart (below) to see what will happen to your estate if you pass away without a will.


The term married, for the purposes of the flow chart, includes ‘civil partnerships’.
• Note that this is merely a simplification of the law and not a definitive guide.
• Inheritance for children under the age of 18 is held in trust until their 18th birthday, or until their marriage
if this is earlier.
• Half siblings will only benefit where there are none of the whole blood (or their children) remaining

Foot note B

(This is a diagram giving a guide to the flow of an estate it is not a point of law)



Who do I want to inherit my estate – my assets & personal possessions?


Who will you appoint to administer your estate?


Who will look after my pets? You can decide.


How do trusts work? The addition of trust can often be beneficial for your beneficiaries. These can be tailored to your individual needs, with Inheritance Tax considerations.


If you have children an important decision is, who will look after your children if anything happens to you? How will their upbringing be funded?


How much does it cost? A Standard single will from £149.

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